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Explore Programming at EPHS

The EPHS Programming Club is a group of students that get together to be passionate about programming. Whether a beginner or more experienced, the club hopes to inspire and intrigue all who are interested in programming.


You can explore the calender for a list of the club's activites here .


Core Mockup – ephs/Core

This mockup seeks to redesign Core in a more pleasing and thematic manner. The project includes a working login page and a reimagined vision for the core landing page.

Core Redesign – ephs/core-ng

This project is a complete redesign of Core. It is fully functional and transfers data from the original application to the new version. This includes a backend API and a frontend Angular app.

AP Java Review – ephs/AP-Java-Review

This review of material in preparation for the AP Computer Science A test includes many unique multiple choice problems and several released free response problems. The project also includes an accompanying Eclipse project that has the free response worked out and examples of sorts. The review was used in preperation for the 2018 AP test. You can view the presentation at